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                      Marybeth "MB" Gustitus

      MB is known for inspiring and helping others find their purpose, passion and personal superpower and founded MILE 1 Performance Coaching in 2017. The 4 pillars of MILE 1 is to Motivate, Inspire, Lead and Empower others to be the very best version of themselves…in all areas of life.
MB is a Certified Professional Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Behavioral Analyst and Motivational Speaker/Trainer. She holds professional membership in the National Speakers Association and enjoys speaking to audiences of 1 to 1,000! 
Using a combination of humor and “straight talk”, MB has worked with both individuals and groups alike to improve performance and company culture.


Areas of specialty:

  • Business Planning

  • Team Building and Communication

  • Behavioral Assessments and career counseling

  • Life Strategy and Motivation, and Keynote

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